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Are you unsure about what career path you should be choosing? Let us guide you. Select the career that best suits your full potential. 

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Choosing subjects and deciding on a career can be a scary decision. We scientifically match your skill set to a suitable career path. My Career Path offers assessment technology designed for those requiring subject choice guidance, as well as those nearing the end of their schooling who need specific input on further studies and career options, as well as those who require a career change. Unlike standard tests, our assessment widens calibrations to narrow your career focus!


How it Works

Make use of our simple online assessment platform

Step 1


Registration & Payment

Register your profile and make an online payment for the assessment

Step 2



Take the online assessment. The assessment takes 90-120 minutes. Make sure you have set aside enough uninterrupted time.

Step 3



Receive your report via email within 24 hours.

Step 4


Telephonic Feedback

Schedule an optional telephonic feedback with one of our inhouse Psychometrists

The Science

Why choose My Career Path?

By scientifically and automatically identifying your inherent skills and interests,
we’re able to recommend the most suitable subjects and career fields.

Quick and Accurate Results

Our assessment performs better than career tests and you get report within 24 hours.

A Professional Approach

The entire process is overseen and thoroughly checked by registered psychometrists.

Individual Feedback

Our team of qualified psychometrists offer an optional telephonic feedback to assist with report interpretation.


Our assessment is very cost effective compared with other career guidance tests.

Multidisciplinary and Scientific

The assessment draws on diverse fields and factors to make accurate recommendations.


A quick online registration followed by a 90-120 minute online assessment that can be done in the comfort of your home.

Find the career that best suits you…

Our Assessments

Select your assessment to get started

Career Guidance Assessment

Top career fields

Core strengths and skills identified

Development areas identified

Recommended tertiary qualifications

Subject Choice Assessment

Natural Skill Overview 

Career Field Overview

Identify subjects 

Relate subjects through the world of work. 

Assessment Feedback

35-minute feedback session. 

Clarify your concerns with the career fields/subject choice 

Identify next steps. 


You can’t put a price on your subject or career choice advice

Our assessment is very cost effective compared with other career guidance tests.

Career Guidance Assessment


Subject Choice Assessment


Assessment Feedback


All prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT)


What students are saying

I was totally lost trying to decide on what career I wanted to pursue. I took the Career Path assessment and found the results to be extremely insightful and valuable. I also had a telephonic feedback which gave me further clarity and guidance. I would recommend this to anyone who is unsure of what they should be studying.”

- Student

“My subject choices before I took the assessment were completely wrong for me. I am so glad I took the time to consider and assess the subjects I should take that will guide me into the right career. I highly recommend the subject choice assessment for my classmates.”

- Grade 9 Pupil

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